Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pool Equipment Washington State

Pool Equipment

Goodman Construction can update your pump, heater or pool filter. If you would like to get a new variable speed pump, or new heater, give us a call 866-511-POOL. Goodman Construction is a pool contractor serving Seattle, Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Bellingham areas.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Virginia Graeme Baker Act Washington State

There are over 3500 public pools in Washington State that need to be in compliance with the Washington State Department of health. In December 2007, the Virginia Grame Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, was passed to increase protection with entrapment hazards. Effective December 19, 2008, the new federal law requires
1. All public facilities to install new drain covers that meet standards.
2. Single main drains to install additional entrapment prevention.

Complete guidelines for complying with Federal and Washington State Rules.
Goodman Construction - Custom Pools
can start by filling out the Compliance Verification Form.
If you just need main drain covers we can take you through the six step process.
The government has set a new website that covers all aspects.
Goodman Construction - Custom Pools will get your pool into compliance. Fill out our request form,
We have compliant drain covers and can do more elaborate jobs that require drain sumps or other entrapment prevention devices to suit your pool. If you have any question feel free to call 866-511-POOL or visit our website.