Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Seattle swimming pool resurfacing

Rough interior pool surface causing swimmer abrasions? Many pool owners have a story of someone using their pool then complaining their feet or another part of there body "got all scratched up and is bleeding" and "My kid used your pool and his feet are cut". This is a sure sign your plaster is shot. The only remedy to restore it to a smooth finish again is to re-plaster it.

When plaster "pop-ups" happen on your pool surface the plaster is really de-laminating from it's bond. It may be bonded to the gunite shell or a previous plaster coat. Other parts of the pool plaster surface maybe very close to coming apart, so you need to check the entire surface for such areas. If you have pop-ups give us a call toll free 866-511-POOL or chancegoodman.com.